Blakkbox Design Studio offers a full spectrum of creative services, with a focus on branding & identity design. It was started by me, Mike, with the goal of helping good ideas gain influence in the world through the art of powerful visual communication.

My design philosophy can be summed up in three words: form equals function – meaning that good design mustn’t only be beautiful, but pragmatic as well.


While I handle many projects alone, I bring outside help in the form of other designers and developers on a as-needed basis.

Mike {@blakkbox}
Founder of Blakkbox. From the midwest USA. Started out in 2008 as a freelance brand & identity designer. Has experience creating quality and strategic design for web, print and most things in between. Check out his Twitter and Instagram.

Doug {@douglascobb86}
London-based UX / UI designer. Been freelancing since 2011, with experience working for digital agencies Fanatica, Gamaroff Digital, and DARE as well. Won Best Design at FinTech Startup Weekend. All-around cool guy. 

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